You’re all winners to us…

On Friday morning, Louise and I had the pleasure of attending Renfrewshire Business Network’s first meeting of 2018, in the most fabulous surroundings of Paisley Abbey. What better way to kick off the day than the chance to chat with lovely like-minded people, and a cuppa in good company.

We enjoyed a talk from Russell Dalgleish of Scottish Business Network, too, who was, as always, inspiring and thought provoking. One of my favourite parts was when he was talking about how entering awards is a great way of raising your profile, and of increasing confidence in your business – as you become “Award Winning.”

“Has anyone here won an award?” He asked.

I popped my hand up. Sitting in the front row, I had forgotten this made me a prime target. When asked what it was for, I blushed furiously.

“Something something, entrepreneurial… it was a few years ago…” I mumbled. A true example of how in the West of Scotland, we are not always very good at tooting our own horns. At BB, we’re certainly very good at shouting from the rooftops how amazing our clients are, but we tend to take a best kept secret approach – for no other reason than we generally put client work first. True story!

On return to the office, I was determined to dig into our archive and reignite our “Award Winning” status. Behold, I found some BB PR from six years ago, clearly before I had discovered eyebrow pencil (see above).

We’re now entering our 16th year in business, and that in itself is no mean feat. I’m delighted that we still work regularly, and with pleasure, for clients such as Dewar’s, Bacardi, Kissing With Confidence, and a number of fantastic businesses throughout Renfrewshire and beyond (6 years on) and it’s been fantastic to work with some smashing new folks like Sony, 5pm, FishWorks, Bells Food Group, Clyde Marine Recruitment and Quintessential Brands. I’m thrilled that we have a team who love a challenge, laugh in the face of a deadline, and work so hard occasionally sparks will (not quite) literally fly from their keyboards.

When our clients win, we win!

Sometimes they receive medals and accolades, and sometimes our work will contribute to a fantastic campaign, and to their bottom lines. We love making other people successful. It’s what we do.

While I will now be keeping an eye out for any awards opportunities for BB, for the moment I’m happily proud that we’re starting off 2018 with a winning mentality – and I hope that you will be doing the same!