When: Friday, January 24th 2020 at 8.30am

Where: The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU

Delivered by: Russell Wardrop, CEO, Kissing With Confidence

We’re excited to be working with longstanding BB client Kissing with Confidence on their upcoming Rainmaker Masterclass. Taking place on Friday 24th January at The Lighthouse, Glasgow, the Masterclass is KWC’s first open programme in over a decade – in celebration of the organisation’s 20th year in business.

In addition to event management, we’ve been hard at work on the marketing, project management and materials design for the gig. It’s all coming together spectacularly, and we would highly recommend any of our clients who work in sales, business development or building relationships – to check it out.

Take a look to find out more here or book your spot here. While Early Bird pricing has now come to an end, as a special treat – you can still receive a cheeky discount on us with code BBLOVE50 – for up to 3 delegates from your organisation.