Love Your Lion

Introducing our office lion, Oscar. That’s right. We have a lion!

Formerly known as Wild in Paisley, in his former life Oscar was part of the “Pride of Paisley” Wild in Art Trail, organised by Paisley First. Following a charity auction, in aid of the town’s two hospices, Oscar has become a much-loved member of the BB Team. He’s also a confirmed party animal, having joined us for the dancing at Oor Kate’s wedding…

Q: Oscar, there’s a conundrum here. You are Art. What are you doing in an agency?
A: Just look at me! I’m clearly made for a creative environment – I bring a little joy and inspiration to every day. And of course, clients simply love me.

Q: So what do you do here? Just Lion around?
A: Puns – the lowest of wit! Now that you mention it, I feel I’m here to add a touch of class, a bit of a regal air about the place. It doesn’t always work, like that time I was adorned by fairy lights at Christmas, but for the majority of the time my presence inspires awe and admiration.

Q: Well, I thought the fairy lights brought out your eyes… Anyway! If there was a movie made about your life, what genre do you think it would be?
A: There have been a few. Genres that is. That cartoon was a bit patronising in its own way, though the music was good, and Simba certainly had a fantastic head of hair. Born Free looks so dated now too. I suppose fantasy would be rather fetching, I could certainly give Aslan a run for his money.

Q: Have you any weird quirks?
A: I don’t eat meat, which I suppose is quirky for a Lion. And I don’t go out much either these days, after some time of being a street figure. I’m definitely a confirmed indoor Lion now.

Q: How about any addictions?
A: Standing still. I can’t give it up. My life in statuary just won’t let me go.

Q: Tell me something on your bucket list…
A: NeoClassicism. As a community art veteran I’ve longed for a setting with drapes and acanthus leaves as a positioning statement that reflects my status as King of the Jungle. I’m done with the street.

Q: If you were part of a sitcom family who’s would it be?
A: It certainly wouldn’t be a sitcom. It would have to be a high budget costume drama. Head of the family. Lesser creatures can carry the other roles better.

Q: From one odd question to the next: if you were a vegetable, what one would you be?
A: Asparagus. King of the greens! Though Broccoli is the real superfood, it does tend to get stuck in one’s teeth.

Q: Ha ha, good answer. Nearly done, tell me what’s your favourite thing about working at BB?
A: The chance to Lead. They have given me my place, and they seem to respect my principles. Apparently this lot are different from the rest.

Q: Finally Oscar, could you give me three words to describe yourself?

Well ladies and gents, we hope you enjoyed meeting our lovely lion – he certainly enjoyed being in the spotlight.

We have one final member to introduce, you can wait for this one though – you know the score, keep checking back.

Until next time,